Are snapshots at risk?

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Immutable storage is a hot topic preventing malicious users or ransomware to change the content. Snapshots are naturally immutable, as they preventing changes using WORM (Write Once Read Many) techniques. But immutability does not prevents snapshots from being externally mounted and destroyed. So what we need is a snapshot that is immune to deletion and that will expire based on defined retention policies.

Encrypting snapshots makes sure that unathorized access to content is prevented using encryption at rest, while in use and while in transit. Only owners of a snapshot is the one who can decrypt the content.

Some snapshot techniques has only versioning that controls the retentions of a snapshot. This can also be at risk as a maliciius user, bug or ransomware attackers may create too many snapahot which reduces the recovery points time to minimum.

what we need is a snapshot retention that can take unlimited number of snapshots or something that prevents snapshot versions to break the defined retentioning policies.

Snapahots are often dependent on original data and original codes running in the firmware of the hardware. Broken hardwares or bugs in firmware codes may loose the ability to revert to previous snapshot.

What we need is a snapshot that are offsite and airgaped from the original data.

Snapshots are somewhat space efficients as either writes on new places or performs copy on write. But the content may be duplicate from what someone else already have or is using.

What we need is a space efficient storage that can reduce the storage need using for example de-duplication with compressions.

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