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RTO and RPO Difference- Spictera
Navigating IT Services: The Difference Between RTO and RPO.
In IT security services and disaster recovery, two essential metrics are frequently used: recovery time...
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Best Database backup Services - Spictera
Your Backup Data: An Untapped Source of Security Intelligence
Introduction: In the current digital world, businesses produce enormous volumes of data every day....
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Ransomware on Cloud Security- Spictera
The Effect of Ransomware on Cloud Security: Full Disclosure by a Cyber security company
Introduction: Technological development today brings along with it a dynamic flow of security threats...
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Storage in the Cloud and Recovery from Ransomware- Spictera Ltd
Storage in the Cloud and Recovery from Ransomware by a Cyber security company
Introduction: With cloud storage, Cyber security company can move away from data management problems...
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Compliance and Best object storage software in 2024- Spictera
The Best Object Storage Software for Businesses: Stay Ahead in Technology
Introduction: With an increasingly complicated regulatory environment and data security issues, today’s...
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The effects of generative AI on the Cybersecurity Company -Spictera
The implications of generative AI for cybersecurity company
Introduction: Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) has strived in the area of technology and...
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Snapshot Importance Best Object Storage Solutions
The Pitfalls of Hardware Dependent Snapshots: How Spictera's Software Solution Offers the Best Object Storage Software
Introduction: Having insurance for snapshots and being able to restore data without any extensive loss...
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depositphotos 114774540 stock photo template with backup concept
Are snapshots at risk?
Immutable storage is a hot topic preventing malicious users or ransomware to change the content. Snapshots...
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Reducing Energy and CO2 Emissions with Climate Smart Tape - Spictera
The Green Hero of Data Storage: Tape Technology Best object storage software
Introduction: It is also significant that in the modern world, people are looking for various means...
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